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AOV – Smoke Ventilation

We install and maintain AOVs (Automatic Opening Vents) and other forms of smoke ventilation to BS7346-8 : 2013. An AOV system is designed to vent or air out smoke to ensure clear escape routes / stairways. Smoke Control systems are now a requirement in any new build to protect stairways and escape routes for most types of public building and multi-storey residential properties. Some Local Authorities are implementing a retrospective fitting policy, whenever planning permission is sought for other works.  We are experienced in maintaining and repairing existing systems, as well as installing new systems.  We can work with you on any project to suit your budget and building type.  We offer a free survey and advice from our consultant engineers on how best to approach the all-important task of ensuring your building meets fire regulations.

We also sell AOV parts and components – please visit our Products Page and submit an enquiry.  Our Quotes team will be pleased to help you with any requirements you may have.

The following standards also apply in some cases:

EN60335-2-103:2003 requires that any automatic mechanism installed with finger trap design consideration
BS 7346 – Product components for SHEVs
BS 7346-6 2005 – Components for smoke and heat control systems. Specification for cable systems

AOV examples

These are examples of some of the works we have carried out.

We can carry out a full installation, replacement of failed vents, replacement of parts only as well as maintenance, testing and commissioning of already installed systems.

We can cover planning, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a range of smoke control systems, including automated single-zone systems and manual openers.

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